kids cooking

Children begin their exploration of the kitchen with a hands-on approach to ingredients and techniques, and through culinary-related crafts. Children will practice age-appropriate techniques in cutting, shaping, assembling, stirring, squeezing, skewering, straining, kneading, rolling, baking, boiling, and of course, tasting.

Every session involves learning new culinary skills while creating and cooking a healthy, delicious dish with Karen Montgomery who is a skilled chef and graduate from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco.

Children make discoveries in Food Science through fun, messy, often tasty, hands-on activities and experiments and Taste Tests with Sinead Whiteside who is a certified teacher and holds a Masters in Education from Texas State University.

With Sherina Warstler, a talented and experienced designer and seamstress, the campers are given direction but allowed a wide range of artistic freedom to create and decorate unique and useful Crafts to take home as a keepsakes.

kids cooking

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Welcome! Check out the Blog and Recipe pages for tips, tricks, and some of our most requested basic recipes, as well as a few fun ones to spruce up your repertoire.

What is a kid-friendly recipe? To me, it’s a simple ingredients list, or limited number of cooking methods required. Tasting new flavors and getting creative is something we get a kick out of. Please use your own best judgment when cooking with your own children at home, and don’t be afraid to let them do some of the difficult parts!

Very Important: Cooking with kids CAN get a bit messy. It’s okay!! Take a deep breathe. Smile. And remember, you can always clean up later. Also, they WILL screw up. Enjoy it! And assuming you can still capture their attention afterwards, teaching your child to help clean up afterwards is an important learning experience.

If you have questions about a posted recipe, cooking-method, technique, or would like to see something in particular, please don’t hesitate to ask. It’s my favorite subject!